Bizzabo Product Positioning Video

Heading into the second half of 2022, Bizzabo found that many customers were returning to in-person events. The problem? Over the last two years, many in the market had seen Bizzabo as a virtual event platform — despite years of running pre-pandemic in-person events and a platform built to run any type of event. This video clearly defines what Bizzabo's Event Experience OS can do.

Bizzabo Virtual Production Suite

Bizzabo's Virtual Production Suite is a flexible and comprehensive product that allows user with no production experience to manage and control a virtual conference with ease. This video overviews the richness and versatility of the product.

Clapping for Virtual Events

When virtual and hybrid events became the norm, a big human aspect of conferences wasn't there: the excitement in the air, the silence right before a speech begins, and the thunderous applause at the end.

That's exactly what Bizzabo solved with their new feature, Audience Reactions, which allows virtual attendees to provide visual and audible feedback to the speakers and to the rest of the audience.

Bizzabo's Ultimate Video Production Suite

When Bizzabo acquired Teevid, they needed a video to announce their new product and showcase it's capabilities.

Using a mixture of both archival and stock footage, along with a heavy reliance on Motion Design, the video succinctly presents each of the product's key features.

It was successfully utilized across all of Bizzabo's official marketing channels.

Lake of RED

Working in collaboration with the choreographer Shamel Pitts (Guggenheim Fellow for Choreography, 2020), I directed, shot, and edited Lake of RED.

The short film is an abstract exploration of the fragmentation of the self, and the descent into mania.

We didn't ask for the moon

LINK20 is a global social movement led by a diverse network of young activists, who are passionate about social justice and inclusion.

The campaign's goal was to urge the Israeli government to solve one of the gaps in accessibility to public transport for people with disabilities.

The video was extremely successful, garnering high engagement online and drawing the attention of the Israeli government - which publicly committed to fixing the issues targeted by the campaign.

Almost In Person - 2020 Conference

In response to the pandemic, Bizzabo's annual conference had to unexpectedly pivot into a virtual event in 2020.

Working under tight deadlines, I created Bizzabo's official invitation to event professionals, explaining the tricky situation and inviting them to attend online.

Case Study Featuring HUBweek

As part of Bizzabo's PR operations, I was tasked with creating a case study video about one of it's key partners.

HubWeek is an annual technology conference hosted and managed through Bizzabo's Event Experience OS.

In this video, the people behind HubWeek's conference elaborate on how Bizzabo helped them scale their event, providing valuable credibility to the brand.